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Matt Wallaert is a behavioral psychologist and entrepreneur focused on building products and programs that create behavior change to help people lead better, happier lives.  He is currently at Bing, where he works to broaden how search removes obstacles and enables people to take action on their ideas, questions, and desires.  He also runs their Bing for Schools program, which fosters digital literacy in K-12 students by putting hardware in the hands of kids, teaching them how to use it, and creating a safe environment for them to use it in.

A published academic who continues to collect data and remain active in academia, he uses research and insights about human behavior in his work as an entrepreneur and as a frequent expert source for the press.  He is always looking for new ways to make things better and hopes to advise 1,000 projects before he dies.  A list of his investments, side projects, and advisory appointments is available on LinkedIn.

Currently located in Seattle, Matt prefers cowboy boots to dress shoes and Legos to blank paper.  He is a dedicated Oregonian and believes strongly that the Pacific Northwest is the best possible place to live.  He is a graduate of Li Po Chun United World College of Hong Kong (IB) and Swarthmore College (psychology and education), spent some time in a graduate program at Cornell University (social psychology) before joining his first startup, and is brother to Josh, brother-in-law to Jelena, uncle to Sava, and son to Rick and Jo.